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13 March 2006 @ 12:40 pm
animation tutorial  
This ends up being too big for livejournal, but the technique was requested. This was made in GIMP, so the last two steps (how to make an animation, very very briefly) are GIMP specific. The rest of it shouldn't be.
from and

1. I started with these two pictures that I wanted to fade between:
B: (I can explain how I got the effect in a different tutorial.)

2. I made copies of both pictures and put A above B. I changed A's opacity to 70% and merge A down. (I decided to use 70% and 40% because it gave me the best transitions in the least number of steps. Your own opacity percentages may vary.)

3. I actually copied 70A and put it above another copy of B. I set 70A to 40% opacity. (I found this easier than copying both A and B, and yes I know the exact percentages of A and B in each frame are actually different than I stated. Shush.) Again, I'm not changing any modes, it's all Normal. Merge 70A down into B to get 40A.

4. Now I made a copy of 70A and 40A, and arranged the layers like so:

5. Then I went to Filters->Animation->Optimize for GIF and tweaked the times (the number before ms in the name of each layer) to get something I was happy with.

6. I made sure to save the resulting file as an animation.

Lindz: Fried Green Tomatoeslindz8403 on March 13th, 2006 08:59 pm (UTC)
Let me see if I got this right:
First make copies of each pictures of A and B.
Then put A above B which mean put A on top, not B.
Then changed to 70% for A layer then merge to down which mean B will be on top correct?
For 40%, that will go for B layer right?
For Step II, you make copy of A layer, then you made another copy for B.
Then you had 70% then changed it back to 40% on orginal layer of A or copy of A?
To merge A down to B (would that be normal layer?) to get 40%?
Then to save as Ops as Gif?
Do you do this in Imageready program without using Photoshop? Or do you need both?
I am sorry to ask questions again and I just want to be sure that I got this correct and understanding...
Thanks so much!!
a DJ who lived in seclusionknittinggoddess on March 13th, 2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
Then changed to 70% for A layer then merge to down which mean B will be on top correct? When you merge down, it just turns those two layers into one layer. The overall effect is identical to when they both were separate layers (so long as the bottom layer is opaque). Nothing should change in terms of appearance. In GIMP, the layer is renamed to B.

make sure you have copies of the layers before you merge them I should have stressed that more.
For the 40%, duplicate 70A and B, move 70Acopy so it is right above Bcopy, then change the opacity of 70Acopy.
Or just duplicate A and B, move Acopy above Bcopy and change the opacity of Acopy. It should look basically the same.

It was a hurried tutorial, so I apologize for any lack of clarity. I also have a tendency to think I make perfect sense when I actually don't.

As for animations with photoshop and imageready, check around icon_tutorials and the internet. I am not very familiar with either of those apps.